Marsala vintage


This is a wedding just for young people. Romantic, relaxing and vintage, every thing is just about “LOVE”

Date: 24 March 2015

Location: Arcachon, Boreaux, France

Number of people: 14

The Day, shower weather, just has sunshine during ceremony. In the end of 2014, the bride Mengying got in touch with Sissi. In case of everyone can get the Visa, the preparation of wedding start from January of 2015.

When talking about he color scheme, Mengying fall in love with the 2015 trending color “Marsala”, kind of color red wine. Because the wedding is in spring, and she want some vintage element, the final scheme had be settled with Marsala, pink and vintage gold.

The special part of this wedding is that there is no parent, just friends and the average age is under 30 years old. A guitar and a accordion has been selected for the live music instead of the traditional string band for this relaxing and lively wedding.

The bridal couple and their friends met Sissi a day before the wedding in the center of Bordeaux to do the trail of makeup and hair styling. After 3 hairstyles and 2 makeups, Mengying was happy to find what she likes.

The ceremony begin at 10h30 at morning and after a quick sushi lunch, the rain was coming, which interrupt the planning of shooting in the village.

But they are young people, they were starting shooting indoors, with all kinds of gesture, what surprise them is they get relay different and amazing photos!

Even though the weather is still cold at evening, they still decide to have the reception dinner at the terrace, with blanket. The wedding day was ending in the beautiful sunset and sound of laugh.

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