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Why become a wedding planner?

I am always being asking about why become a wedding planner and especially planning destination weddings in Europe? May be this should begin talking about my first trip in Prague when I was 8 years old, then decades of returns in Europe, to I get my master degree in Pairs. I am fully attracted by this fairytale land and want more and more couple can have their most important day in life here. Wedding planner is a job fussy and with enormous pressure, but when the couple tell their love story to me and trust me to take care of their big day, the sense of to be trusted and accomplishment is which other job can not bring to me.

Why in Europe?

In my mind, Europe is a land that most close to the word “Romance”. More and more couples from China or other country have the willing of have their wedding in this beautiful land, they can escape from the red tape of a wedding in their hometown and just invite the most close families and friends, to have a relaxed, privation and real wedding just about love.

I am Sissi

When I am not busy with weddings, I would like to spend more time with my families, who give me most support of my career.

I am learning watercolor right now, and I also like to travelling, watching film, shopping. I have 3 cats at home. The “French Open” is never can be missed in every year for me.

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About Iris Destination

Iris is a symbolic flower of France, means “messenger of love”.

Iris Destination Wedding was founded in Bordeaux since 2013 and registered as a company in Beijing, concentrating on brings the destination wedding in Europe to the couples from all over the world.

The wedding planner Sissi is certificated as a professional wedding planner by an US institute “Weddings Beautiful” since 2012 and the coordination team to help the every couple with a professional attitude.

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